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It is a fact that self-esteem influences our whole life and is a decisive factor in achieving our goals, whatever they are.

According to what happens to us internally, our thoughts and feelings will be an engine either to propel us or restrict us in our actions.

Consequently, self-esteem should be favored when our children are young. It is by showing them to love themselves; to respect themselves; how to assert; and express their needs that they will develop confidence in their abilities and believe in their personal value.

Esteem = Confidence = Achievements = Pride!

That being said, despite education and positive reinforcement, there are external factors that undoubtedly have an impact on our children self-esteem, namely the appearance. Wanting to avert this point is called a head in the sand approach…

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look hereafter at the two smiles and ask yourself, which one is most likely to provide confidence in you?

Do not worry, it is the same patient! These are pictures showing “before and after” the orthodontic treatment. Thank you Mom and Dad!

At school, kids and teenagers are not always kind towards each other. Imagine if one of them shows a difference or an imperfection, however small it may be! This can sadly lead to bullying by colleagues.

Fortunately, at Ortho Cité, we believe that everyone deserves an amazing smile. That is why we are committed to facilitating access to orthodontic treatment for children.

We do have many payment options, so that costs are never a barrier to orthodontic care necessary for a child.

Remember that a smile is a secret key that opens many doors to those offering it spontaneously!

Do not hesitate and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Serge Yacoub.

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