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Among our different orthodontic treatment options, the clear aligners prove to be increasingly popular among adults.

Indeed, we find more and more adults in orthodontic practice, and they are not there solely to accompany their children. Rather, they seek treatment for themselves.

The motivation of these patients is primarily aesthetic. Social pressure is growing stronger, for both women and men.

And why not decide to take charge of your appearance?

Children or teenagers that did not have access to orthodontic treatments when they were young, seize as adult the opportunity to perfect their smile.

This upward trend is confirmed by all professionals in the field. Orthodontists trained in “invisible” methods believe that the adult customers have increased tenfold in the past ten years, now representing 30 to 50% of their business.

Are you a good candidate for clear aligners?

Do not hesitate to ask Dr Serge Yacoub.

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