It is our pleasure to present the orthodontic case of Isabelle.

In technical terms, the clinical and radiological examination confirmed the following:

  • Dental and Skeletal Malocclusion Class II;
  • Severe transverse deficiency of superior maxillary with top arch in V-shaped, causing a major dental overlap;
  • Protrusion of the lower dentoalveolar block;
  • Presence of impacted teeth, in horizontal and vertical position.


This means that Isabella had a jaw dysfunction; the closing of her upper teeth with lower teeth was defective; the dental arches were too narrow; she had impacted teeth trapped inside her gum; certain teeth overlapped on each other; and her front teeth were positioned too far forward…

Thus, it was understood from the beginning that the case of Isabelle first required surgical procedure to enlarge her palace and extraction of two wisdom teeth. Thereafter, begin an orthodontic treatment a few months prior to a second orthognathic surgery to align the jaws, by advancing the lower jaw.

In short, here are the different steps of Isabelle’s orthodontic treatment:

  • ? Palatal Expansion surgery and extraction of two wisdom teeth;
  • ? Positioning of brackets; Isabelle had transparent ceramic brackets on the upper teeth and miniaturized metal brackets on the lower teeth;
  • ? Preparation before orthodontic maxillofacial surgery;
  • ? Orthognathic surgery (BSSO – bilateral mandibular osteotomy sagittal – dental advancement of 10mm;
  • with side-to-right deviation of 1.5mm and clockwise rotation of the distal fragment);
  • ? Continuity orthodontic treatment post-surgery (7 months);
  • ? Debonding.

Finally, the treatment was completed with retention appliances. It it a small steel wire that we bonded to the inner surface of Isabelle’s teeth. It is cemented and remains in place permanently for a lasting results.


In the Orthodontic field, a picture is worth a thousand words!  Here are the before and after pictures of Isabelle’s orthodontic success.


Front – Before and After


Side – Before and After


Dental overlap – Before and After


Top arch in V-Shaped – Before and After


 Dental overlap – Before and After



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