Dr. Serge Yacoub is proud to present I-TERO technology, now available at the Montreal clinic.

Our patients can now benefit from a higher precision orthodontic treatment while eliminating the inconveniences of traditional dental impressions (an unpleasant and lengthy procedure)

Here are a few concrete examples of the benefits offered by the new I-TERO solution :

• I-TERO eliminates some of the discomfort related to traditional orthodontic treatments
• I-TERO allows you to take advantage of the benefits of cutting edge technology
• I-TERO reduces treatment time associated with traditional dental impression moulds
• I-TERO allows superior precision, reducing the number of follow-up adjustment treatments
• I-TERO offers a better simulation of the outcome of your treatment

For more information on the benefits of this next-generation of intraoral scanners, visit www.itero.com?


At Orthocité, we are passionate about offering high-quality orthodontic care in a welcoming environment. We are also dedicated to working with cutting edge technology to simplify your experience.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, concerns or comments about your treatments or our new technology.

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