First Appointment

Attentive to your needs in order to provide you with the best quality care!

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During your first visit to Ortho Cité, we will address every aspect of your orthodontic treatment. No referral is needed to book a consultation or treatment appointment with our specialists. A one-hour appointment will allow us to proceed with a complete evaluation and give you clear and precise explanations about every facet of your treatment.

While taking into account your general state of health and your dental condition, we will discuss your concerns and expectations. A complete clinical and radiological exam will allow the orthodontist to evaluate your dental situation and to establish an individual therapeutic treatment plan that is personalized to your needs or those of your child.

Your current dental situation will then be presented and explained to you in order for you to understand the reasons that justify an orthodontic treatment, if one is required. We will then discuss the treatment’s objectives, its length, the frequency of appointments and the different dental appliances that can be used in your case.

Cost of treatment and the different payment options will also be discussed during this initial appointment.

In sum, following this appointment you will be able to begin the process with all the necessary information that pertains to your orthodontic treatment.

During the initial consultation we can also proceed to take all the relevant diagnostic aids which will prevent you from having to book a subsequent appointment. This data will allow us to proceed with a detailed analysis of your case.