Child Orthodontics


Our team of child orthodontics cares about the health of your child!

child orthodontics,  orthodontic for children

When is the ideal moment to undergo an orthodontic evaluation?

Our specialist, along with the American Association of Orthodontists, strongly suggest an orthodontic evaluation when your child turns 7. Starting a treatment at that age, when required, ensures better results while minimizing the length, the complexity and the costs associated with the treatment. This is what we call an interceptive treatment. If after the evaluation the orthodontist determines that an interceptive treatment is not required, we will proceed with yearly follow-ups to ensure the normal dental and facial development of your child. We are the best child orthodontics, provides the orthodontic treatment of your children and help them to boost their self-confidence

What are the advantages of an child orthodontic treatment?

A beautiful smile can not only boost your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, it can also contribute his or her general health:

• Better mastication

• Facilitates brushing in order to prevent cavities and gum problems

• Allows for a normal eruption of permanent teeth (adult teeth)

• Minimizes premature wear of the adult teeth

• Prevents pronunciation problems and certain oral habits

• Preserves facial symmetry while guiding jaw growth

• Reduces the risks of trauma of teeth that are too far forward

• Reduces the chances that permanent teeth will need to be extracted in the future