Lingual Bracket



We are proud to offer you an extraordinary way to wear braces! Incognito uses modern technology that provides a completely invisible treatment because the orthodontic brackets are placed on the internal surface of your teeth.

Incognito brackets are personalized and adapted to the surface of each one of your teeth in order to provide the best possible results!

Here are some advantages of using this treatment system:

– The brackets are completely invisible, because they are placed behind your teeth!

Comfortable and do not hinder pronunciation

Adapted and personalized in order to provide the best possible results

With Incognito technology and Ortho Cité, you can now smile confidently!

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INCOGNITO… what are the steps?

After your initial orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Yacoub, you’ll know if you’re a good candidate for lingual brackets.

Our specialist will then proceed with a detailed evaluation of your dental condition and will establish a treatment plan that corresponds to your needs.

Dr. Yacoub will then take precise dental impressions of your teeth in order to exactly replicate your dentition. These impressions along with specific instructions relating to your treatment objectives will then be sent to the 3M Unitek company.

Thanks to a highly advanced digital 3-D visualization process, a digital replica of your teeth is created and your Incognito brackets that are completely tailored to the internal surface of your teeth are produced.

The only things left are to install your Incognito brackets in order for the treatment to begin the movements that are programmed into the system, and to provide you with a brilliant smile!

Dr. Yacoub will closely monitor your treatment progress with a follow-up program.