Temporary Anchorage Devices

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At the Ortho Cité clinic, we use the latest technologies and we want our patients to benefit from the highest quality care!

Temporary anchorage devices can yield results that even braces alone cannot provide.

What is a temporary anchorage device?

A temporary anchorage device is a mini-screw that is temporarily placed in the gum. It acts as an anchor to shift teeth in a controlled and predictable manner. These devices are made of sterile titanium and have been used for decades by orthopaedists and surgeons. Their use in the orthodontic field has revolutionized treatments!

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages to using these devices, including:

• Treatments are more efficient and shorter
• They minimize the risk of dental extraction
• They minimize the risk of surgery, sometimes unavoidable in certain cases
• They are comfortable thanks to their small size

How are they placed?

After a small local anaesthesia, Dr. Yacoub places the temporary anchorage device in a strategic area in the gum. This procedure is completely painless and risk-free. It only takes a few seconds to complete the insertion.

How long will it have to stay in place?

Because it is temporary, on average the anchorage will only stay for a few months and we will remove it once it is no longer necessary for the treatment to progress.

Will removing it cause pain?

Absolutely not. A local anaesthesia is applied around the temporary anchorage device and we will gently remove it without any pain. The procedure only takes a few seconds and is risk-free.

With temporary anchorage devices, your treatment is now quicker and more predictable!